The NUN (R)

3.5 out of 10 stars (3.5 / 10)

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    The Conjuring Universe has enlightened us on many different things through the eyes of the Warren’s. When a dark spirit appeared in the form of a nun, it complicated matters even further for this paranormal team. This is the story of how the nun went from one with god to a demonic force.
    The Abbey of St. Carta in Romania was once a peaceful and private sanctuary. Something happened there that opened up something darker than any had seen before. Upon letting this spirit loose, it became an around the clock vigil of prayer to keep those that still inhabited the abbey safe from what threatened them all. In an effort to find answers, the Vatican sent some familiar with the strange and unusual to look into what was happening. As soon as they arrived, they sensed that something was very wrong. They progressed and were determined to reveal the truth. Once they began to uncover what was really happening, it looked like they might have a chance at stopping it before it became unleashed on the world. The real question becomes… were they successful? What would happen if it were unleashed? So many questions, so few answers. This story precedes the conjuring universe and in doing so it exposes some things about what was happening beyond basic understanding. Unfortunately, it leaves the viewer with more questions than answers. It succeeds in jump scares but not much else.

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