The Prodigy (R)

5.8 out of 10 stars (5.8 / 10)

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    The Review

    After years of struggling, their prayers are finally answered with a son. From the very beginning, Miles surprised them at every turn. A very gifted young man who showed exceptional intelligence from a young age. This gift helped propel his future through the help of his parents. When Miles began to exhibit certain behaviors, it was initially thought that it could have been reactionary to his environment. After that was ruled out, his mother began to look deeper. Only, the deeper that she looked, the darker his future became. Acting in the way that only a mother can, she had to take action. The question becomes, is it too little too late or is there hope… The answer may surprise you. This is a story that has been told time and time again (albeit a bit different each time). There is a bit of a twist at the end that is worth waiting for. Is this the last that we’ll see of Miles’s story or is this just the beginning of something much darker than we realize? Come find out for yourself.

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