The Pyramid (R) (2014)

Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller | 89 min
2.3 out of 10 stars (2.3 / 10)

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  • Language: English

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A father & daughter team are determined to reinvent how archeology is discovered in this suspenseful tale. They discover a lost pyramid. One that differs from the great pyramids of Giza… The fact it only has 3 sides is the first clue. As they dig down and learn more and more with every layer of sand they uncover. With satellite imagery, they’ve determined some of the hidden information they need. When rioting overpowers Cairo as a way to stop this type of archeology, they have no choice but to stop. They have to get at least one look before they leave. Together they venture in with the documentary team as well as the NASA representative that operates the rover. Upon entering they quickly discover that there is more to this pyramid than what is seen. As accidents happen, they come across a creature that none of them can quite explain. The further they try to explore the more they’re lost. Every way that seems like the way out only digs them deeper. Until! Until what you ask… Well, they come to realize this isn’t a normal pyramid. Not only is it a labyrinth but it is also a tomb that they might not escape from. Will any of them survive to tell their story? This mockumentary is a menagerie of ideas that doesn’t’ quite come together. The basic idea sounded like something that might beᅠa combination of Indiana Jones and The Mummy and what we got was a something closer to The Mummy meets As Above So Below without the interest… After the first 20 minutes the movie gets hard to follow because of the gaps in the story. If you’re determined to see this, be warned that there’s not much to it and the ending is very unsatisfactory.

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Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller