The Spirit of Christmas (2015)

Drama, Mystery, Romance | 91 min
(5.5 / 10)
spirit of christmas

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  • Language: English

The Review

This isn’t just your average home for the holiday Christmas movie. It has history and mystery oh and ghosts. You heard right….ghosts. Although it doesn’t pertain to the spooky Halloween cliché of ghosts, it does have that supernatural vibe that you can’t mistake. Nobody ever books a room at the Hollygrove Inn around Christmas because it’s haunted. However, when the Inn is put up for sale, workaholic Kate decides to spend a little time there to appraise this gem. Little does Kate know what she’s up against, she’s determined to do her job and earn a promised promotion. Things go awry in a hurry when she learns that helping him move on won’t be that easy. She’ll have to help uncover his past and what really happened 95 years ago.

This Lifetime movie will warm your heart in its usual way but leave a little love for those who prefer the science fiction and mystery genres.

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