The Spy Who Dumped Me (R) (2018)

3.8 out of 10 stars (3.8 / 10)
the spy who dumped me

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    Best friends, they share everything and know everything about one another. That may be just what it takes to survive what they’re about to face. Audrey is celebrating another birthday, only this time she doesn’t feel like celebrating. Just days before she was dumped by her boyfriend. To add insult to injury, he dumped her via a text message… These two friends develop a plan to destroy his stuff and send him one last message letting him know what they think of him. This action gets a response but not the one they expected. Before they can even fathom what is happening, they learn that he is a spy. In his belongings is something that is crucial to national security. Now, these friends must travel the globe to help complete this mission. Along the way, they’ll have many misadventures that will complicate the mission. Add in a psychotic gymnast, and Cirque de Soleil and you get absolute chaos. There are many laugh out loud moments throughout the story, but the story itself is all over the place. Will these two succeed at their misadventure, or will they succumb to stress of it? As you can imagine, the answer isn’t as easy as it seems. This story is heavily laden with feminism and over the top crude humor. That will definitely appeal to a certain audience but it will also repel another. As a whole, it leaves you with more questions than answers. In doing so it is funny but is it funny enough to overcome the rest… That’s for you to decide.

    There are some bonuses in the credits that are worth the wait.

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