The Temptation Game (2015)

Short, Drama | 14 min
(7 / 10)
temptation game

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  • Language: English

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A woman scorned is a dangerous thing. One woman who has been betrayed once wants to test her husband to see how faithful he really is. In doing so she’ll push things a bit too far. How far can you push someone that is faithful before something in the relationship breaks? This story will define that for you. It is presented in a very sensual way, as two lovers who want the other partner. Yet it’s not that simple because of this test she is putting him through. Will he pass or fail? How can something like this be factored when a situation like this is presented. There are no winners or losers in a game like this, regardless of the outcome. Prepare yourself for an exceptionally erotic tale that will take you further than you realized you wanted to go. In doing so leaving you utterly speechless…

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