The Wall (R) (2017)

Drama, Thriller, War | 81 Min
7.8 out of 10 stars (7.8 / 10)
the wall

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The indomitable human spirit is something that lies within all of us. This particular introspective shows us that exact spirit within a few exceptional individuals. The Iraq war had just come to an end and a pair of snipers had been assigned to watch over an area that had recently been decimated. As it plays out, we are able to see what these men went through. Their battle soon begins much more than a simple assignment to watch over an area and into a fight for their lives. Who or what is after them? That person will reveal himself in an unusual way but in doing so will put their lives in even greater peril. All that separates them is a wall… A crumbling wall from a life that has almost been forgotten, yet during this epic, it finds a new life in its sturdy simplicity. The ultimate game of cat and mouse unfolds before your eyes. This is much more than a story, this unfolds as if we were watching reality before our very eyes. In doing so, it manages to maintain it’s integrity without feeling like a documentary. Situations such as this can become difficult to portray without crossing that line, yet this one did so brilliantly. The language and situations portrayed may be a bit much for some but understanding it in the context in which it’s presented, only adds to the story itself. Experience this for yourself and be prepared to witness the sheer will and indomitable human spirit as it’s rarely been seen before.

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