Top Five (R) (2014)

1.75 Stars (1.75 / 10)

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The Review

A washed up comedian, recognized primarily for his main character is desperate to reinvent himself. He’s engaged to a reality TV star and just wraps up a new movie about the Haitian revolution. From comedian to revolutionist both ventures that he hasn’t quite mastered. While planning the wedding he allows certain entities to dictate who he is and makes you wonder if he even knows. Through all of this, he is being interviewed for a revealing article. As he goes through the motions, he can’t quite find his niche. Characters along the way share their top five performers, how that fits into the rest of the story is lost in translation. The interview and interviewer help him to find at least part of what he was looking for but doesn’t do much for the story. This is severely lacking any plot depth. The language is very vulgar and derogatory with heavy handed racial slurs and race baiting. Very disappointing in every aspect. The comical moments are not enough to make up for all of the shortcomings and if this represents even a piece of society… We’re going in the wrong direction.


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