Tulip Fever (R) (2017)

Drama, Romance, | 107 min
6.3 out of 10 stars (6.3 / 10)
tulip fever

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There was once a time when the trade of goods and services was drastically different than what we know today. Many years ago in Amsterdam, the tulip was an extraordinarily rare and mysterious flower that was just beginning to be understood. Its rarity ensured it’s value for all who were lucky enough to come into the good fortune of having some of their own. Because it was so rare and unique, it became a major commodity to buy/sell/trade. There was one bloom rarer than the rest, its value was only speculated but it could be the key to the future. Now this story is not simply about flowers, but the flowers are the reason why the rest of the story is there, to begin with. An exceedingly wealthy gentleman finds himself in need of an artist to capture the beauty of him and his wife with their rare tulips; while they’re still in bloom. After commissioning one to capture their essence, they’ll soon find much more to be captured than simply their image. An intensely passionate tale of infertility and infidelity that will push the boundaries in multiple ways throughout. The subject matter could be a bit much for some audiences and because of that, it doesn’t have the appeal that it could have. There will be those however that will be drawn to this simply for what it is. Is it for you? Only you know for sure.

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