Tully (R) (2018)

Comedy, Drama, | 95 Min
8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

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The mother of all mom movies unfolds before your eyes in Tully. Here is a mom (Marlo) that is juggling 3 kids, and all of the responsibilities that come with it. Shortly after her 3rd one arrives, with the help of a family member, a night nurse comes in to help her. She’s been running on empty for far too long and is in need of help even if the idea of leaving her newborn in the hands of someone new feels foreign to her. As the days and weeks progress, she begins to recognize the benefit of having Tully around and even feels like herself again. She’s not the only one to notice too, her kids, her friends, and even her husband can see the difference in her. Marlo and Tully become closer as time goes and Tully even helps bring Marlo out of her shell. After all, she’s rested and she’s back to being herself. A spontaneous trip to the city will result in far more than either of them bargained for. Tully drops a bombshell on Marlo and Marlo faces a crisis that could put an end to everything. This may not be your typical mom type movie, but it is a movie that will grab your attention and stay with you long after it’s done. Marlo is so raw and real that it’s almost uncomfortable at times. This isn’t about the mom who has everything in life down to a “T”, it’s for the everyday mom who is falling apart, trying to hold everything together. Now I’m not saying this represents all moms, but even the best of moms have these days. Come to see, feel, relate, laugh, and cry… It’s worth it.

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