Underdogs (PG) (2016)

5.0 Stars (5.0 / 10)

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A young boy who loves soccer is about to hang up his cleats. That is until his father shares a story with him, a story about a boy who also was very passionate about soccer… but in a different way. Jake’s passion for the sport wasn’t in the usual way, yet he found a way to enjoy it just the same. When a undefeated challenger shows up one day, he challenges Jake to a game. What he doesn’t realize is that this is Jake’s field. Because of that, there is a certain advantage. As the years passed, the undefeated challenger which met his one and only defeat could never let it go. Upon returning to the town, he once again challenges Jake to another game. Only this one will be on his turf, an actual stadium. As Jake and his friends prepare a team, they’ll end up getting some unconventional help that they couldn’t have anticipated. This unlikely hero will show that it’s not how big you are, it’s how big your heart is. What will happen next? This is a touching story that kind of is all over the place as it tries to play itself out. It almost seems to be distracted by itself. That being said, there’s something special here if you can look at it as a whole. Though it’s definitely aimed at a younger audience, there are parts that might be a bit confusing for some. Enjoy it for what it is and take away what you will…

The stadium sing-along!
Our eyes have seen the glory of the legend known as ace,
He was born here in our town then dropped a stadium on our face,
If you think that you’re a winner wait ’til you see his trophy case,
He’ll beat you every time!

Glory, glory, Ace Remacho,
Glory, glory, Ace Remacho,
Glory, glory, Ace Remacho,
He’ll beat you every time!

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