Underworld: Awakening (R) (2012)

Action, Fantasy, Horror, | 88 Min
6.0 Stars (6.0 / 10)
underworld awakening

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The last time we saw Selene and Michael, many believed it to be the end. What no one realized was that there was a much larger plan set in motion by the events of that night on Pier 9. Antigen, a company that is breaking ground in genetics has come across something that could change everything. When Selene realizes what’s really happening around her, she must do whatever it takes to save not only herself but those that she’s close to as well. What will she do when she finds out the depth of the deception all around her? That leads the story into an entirely different direction, while still staying true to the origin. Only it’s so much more complicated than that. To explain further would be revealing something that changes the story forever, and there are no spoilers here… I can tell you that this completely reinvigorates the whole thing that the story itself was based on, and carries it further than you could have imagined. Whether you’re new to the story or have been around since the beginning… This is one you won’t want to miss.

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