Walt Before Mickey (PG) (2015)

Biography, Drama | 120 min
8.0 Stars (8.0 / 10)
walt disney before mickey

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  • Languages: English, Spanish

The Review

The history of the man behind the mouse… Walt Disney. Who was he? How did he begin? What drove him? It all began with a dream. A dream to create, to make others happy, to do what had been done… only better. As a young boy he would draw anywhere he could. Even after being criticized for doing so, he refused to quit. As he grew and pursued his dreams, he faced devastating failure time and time again but refused to give up. He knew he had something special but every time he thought he had it, someone found a way to take it away from him. His beginning had been with the Alice series, then as time went on, he worked on other characters including Oswald rabbit amongst others. It wasn’t until he had an idea about a mouse that everything began to change. How did he come up with an idea about a mouse you might ask… That is explained as well in this period drama. Walt Disney may have been many things throughout his life but one thing that remained constant was his dream. He had a passion and determination that carried him from a small farm in Kansas to the head of the largest entertainment corporation in the world. This film feels as though it’s set as a stage play, whether that was intentional or not, it works for this portrayal. This is about more than Walt though, some of the ones along side him from the beginning have gone one to create classics that we all know and love. This is definitely one to see, even if just to reminisce about a time that is lost. To remember a man and a mouse that will live forever.

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walt disney before mickey

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Biography, Drama