War Room (PG) (2015)

Drama | 120 min
7.0 Stars (7.0 / 10)
war room

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  • Language: English

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Prayer is a powerful weapon, that’s a message that this film emphasizes over and over again. A middle class family finds struggles they didn’t realize they had when they start looking deeper at one another. The husband, a prominent pharmaceutical salesman, finds himself tired of life as it is. The wife, a successful real estate agent, has issues seeing anything positive in her current situation. The daughter feels lost in the shuffle. Is there hope for this family? If there is, it will come from a very unlikely source. An older woman who has lived her life is interested in selling her home. When the wife enters her home, a connection establishes itself between the two ladies… The older woman will help teach (preach) the young mother / realtor how to reinvent herself and her family through the power of prayer. Though this is a touching drama, it oversells itself as a “Pray away your problems” melodrama. That anything can be answered and solved through prayer. That any prayer we give up to God will be answered and that there’s a happy ending by simply believing / surrendering to God through devotion and prayer. As incredibly touching as this will be to some audiences, this will be equally offensive to others. Sometimes the best way to spread a positive message is through examples instead of heavily preaching a message that creates unrealistic expectations. This will initiate emotion, come prepared.

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