We Can’t Live Without Cosmos (2016)

Animation, Short, Drama | 16 min
6.5 out of 10 stars (6.5 / 10)
we cannot live without cosmos

Movie Info

  • Country: Russia

The Review

Space, the final frontier… Men train for years just to have a chance at it. This is the story of two of those men. Throughout their training, these two are a cut above the rest. Time and time again, they prove themselves to be the ones. Alongside their training, they find a way to have some fun too. All their lives, they’ve worked to get to this point. Now they’re here. The final decision of who gets to go is made and one of them will get to explore the unknown while his friend watches and waits. When a tragedy happens, you think the story might be over. The fact is that it is just beginning. These two have been friends since childhood and it will take something more than what is happening to keep them apart. This is a truly touching tale about passion and perseverance. Brilliantly portrayed in a way that touches all who watch.

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