Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (PG-13) (2018)

Biography, Documentary, | 94 Min
7.8 out of 10 stars (7.8 / 10)
Mr Rogers Neighborhood Movie

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Mr. Rogers was a simple man with an idea. He wanted to bring joy to others. His original plan was to become a pastor while studying seminary, he was lead in another direction. Little did anyone know that this new direction would lead him into the homes of millions. The simplicity of the presentation and the honesty conveyed through his message helped to educate and inform children. It was never aimed at a particular type of children, but what Fred’s intention was, was incredibly simple. Children should have the chance to learn without the weight of the world on their shoulders. Between Fred’s simple presentation and the addition of the land of make-believe, it opened up a world to children that they’d never seen before. What happened as a result of that was a transformation of generations. An impact that affected those around the world directly and indirectly with an innocence that is lost to today. This documentary/biography about Fred Rogers details his life, before/during/after the beloved Neighborhood. As well as those around him who helped to influence and educate as well. Come relive the neighborhood in a way that you’ve never imagined for the very first time. You’ll leave with a smile on your face and a tear in your eye.

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