X-Men: Apocalypse (PG-13) (2016)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | 144 min
7.0 Stars (7.0 / 10)
x-men apocalypse

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  • Registration: 50091
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
  • Languages: English, Polish, German, Arabic, Egyptian (Ancient)

The Review

Until now it has been human vs. mutant, but the real battle is much more complicated. Going back to the beginning, exactly where is the division between human and mutant. That’s what this story is about to reveal. This takes us back to the beginning, to the very first mutant. Seeing into his past gives us insight into the past, present and future. He will find four (4) mutants to help him with his plan. In doing so, the mutants will see things in themselves that they never saw possible. The question then becomes: Us or them? Just when we think the answer is simple, it reveals itself to be much more complicated than imagined. Especially since it will become a battle that none of them could have anticipated. This installment in the series is a prequel to many of the superhero stories that we’re already aware of, there is also a nodᅠto something more that we haven’t seen yet. Those familiar with the graphic novels (comic books) won’t be surprised with the turn of events seen here. Those that aren’t so familiar with the graphic novels will still have a lot to enjoy as this mixes in drama and action with some comedy and even a little romance. Marvel has stepped up its game from what we saw in Age of Ultron, but still, leaves us wanting more. What will come next? I guess we’ll wait and see together…

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x-men apocalypse

Trailer: X-Men: Apocalypse

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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