Strength Women of Hollywood (Nicole Eggert) - 2nd Teaser Trailer

Stars and scars, something that doesn’t seem to go together, until you look closer. The life of those in Hollywood are seen only through the rose covered glasses of the viewer… That is until now. An untitled project by Lonnie Senstock* is about to take on the world… This new series will definitely take you by surprise, as it exposes the realities behind the scenes (without becoming the atypical reality tv).

One of the co-stars of the series is Nicole Eggert, she is very notable and recognizable for her roles from “Charles in Charge” and “Baywatch” amongst many others. Nicole once graced the walls of teenagers around the world, now she is using that notoriety to educate.

Nicole provides a perspective from an actress point of view on set, as well as from a female in this business. More specifics regarding this will later be included in the untitled series, along with the experiences of others.

This series will definitely point out the do’s and don’ts by those who have experienced this life first hand. All the while creating an intrigue that will keep you guessing until the very end… If you’ve ever wondered what really makes this industry click… You won’t want to miss out on this…

Lonnie wanted this to be something special. To ensure that it was, he had to find the right someone. One thing is for sure, Nicole was a perfect fit.

Stay tuned… and buckle up… it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

*Lonnie Senstock is recognized for his work on such things as “Lucky” (A documentary produced by Jeff Blitz/Sean Welch that went to Sundance and was purchased by HBO), directing the life stories of Richard Pryor Jr., Walk With Her and many others. Also note: The director (Lonnie Senstock) is protective of Nicole & as well as anyone who has experienced such obstacles.

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