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out of 10

The Review

Rob Zombie does it again, only this time he's gone further than ever before. Five friends work together and are in the process of starting something of their own. On the journey to do so they run across an unusual roadblock. That's where the fun begins. Or at least it's fun for the spectators/originators of the game that's about to be played. The five friends soon find themselves as pawns in this game. Each is assigned a number and odds, it then becomes a game of survival. Only the situation that they must survive in is somewhat familiar. Hunting our young friends is a variety of players as well, each one of them bring a different level of depravity. Ultimately this is a combination of the Saw and Purge movies with a Rob Zombie twist. Though it's meant to be a serious horror/thriller film, there are plenty of laughs to be had. Is it what you expect... Probably not, but that may be a good thing.


Rob Zombie brings us a Saw meets Purge graphic survival psycho thriller. Howメs that for what to expect? So we have 5 carnies who unfortunately are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kidnapped by some sadistic people who are playing this purge-like survival game with them, giving them 12 hours to survive. If they can! Let the fun begin...if life and death games are fun that is. In comes various psycho killers of types hunting them down until the last man or woman is standing...if they donメt get their legs chopped off right? Ha! I know this comes across as a serious thriller. But I couldnメt help but laugh many times throughout this movie. It is predictable, messed up, and has many violently graphic deaths. Two words came to mind when watching this. Psychological depravity. - Kevin (4/10) (Though you almost want to give it a 5/10 for comedic purposes)

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