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A Most Wanted Man (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

An immigrant seeks asylum in this intriguing drama. Issa (Esau) is escaping Chechnya, trying to find and redefine life. His path doesn't go has he had planned, it seems we can never fully escape our fathers sins. The actions of his father disrupt his plans and his future. Gov't officials have gotten involved from multiple countries and his new start is contingent on a scheme that puts him and others in jeopardy. He has lived a life on the run, hiding from hell, surviving the grip of death. Finally, he has a glimpse of hope, some friends and an attorney. Both stick their necks out for him in the hopes of a better life. An instrument and a large amount of money stand between him and his future, the scheme is put into place. Will he get away from this life? Will he finally be free? Or will fate have a different path in mind? Only in following this story will you see that the real is far from the ideal.

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