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A Walk Among the Tombstones (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Cop turned private investigator Matthew Scudder does his job, but does it between the lines of the law. A fateful accident in a pursuit ended the career of this promising police officer. Refusing to give up on the life he knows, he turns to being a private investigator. What he does as a PI is not always on the level. He does "favors" for people and in exchange... they give him gifts. He comes across a man that needs some "help". The thing is, it's not for him but for someone he knows. There has been a kidnapping and before things can be resolved, the worst happens. The victim is returned in pieces. Word spreads and Scudder is determined to keep it from happening again. When he is unable to stop it, he finds a way to make it right and get revenge at the same time. Ultimately saving face while helping someone less fortunate in the process. The story itself had merit, unfortunately it's been done before. This was nothing more than a cheap remake of "Taken", I went in with high expectations and left disappointed. If you enjoyed Taken, you might like it... I only wish it had added to the idea with some originality.

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