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A Wrinkle In Time (PG) (3.0)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

The search for something more has driven many to extremes. Whether that be extreme successes or extreme disappointments, sometimes both. There are always sacrifices along the way. Things that must be given up to achieve both extremes. This is a story of extremes. A young scientist, a young family, a dream... Seems perfect. This young scientist is determined to prove the existence of the unimaginable. When he finally realizes his dream, the sacrifice that he and his family must pay will change the story for all involved. As their children grow, they begin to explore life's eccentricities for themselves. One of them reaches out to the universe to help and the universe answers. The problem is that the answer that they provide isn't as clear as it could be. The children still have to do a bit of work for themselves. That will come easy for one of them and much harder for the other. Even when they reach the answer, there will still be questions. What is it that they are to find? Will they find it in time? Those questions and more will be answered along the way. The premise of the story feels like a newer version of The Neverending Story without going too far. Fans of the book will be sadly disappointed and Disney definitely took this a step further than they should have with heavy social and political innuendo throughout. It will appeal to some and repel just as many. Should you choose to take a chance on this, come prepared that it won't be what you expect... Is that a good or a bad thing? You decide.

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