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Abominable (PG) (6.0)



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out of 10

The Review

The Yeti is a creature that has been told of in stories and legends since the dawn of exploration. There are endless stories about the creature and an equal number of stories that debunk it. So does it exist? That's what one explorer was determined to find out. When he finally found one he wanted to display it for the world. When the creature escaped his grasp, all it wanted to do was go home. While escaping, the yeti would come to make a new friend that was also searching for something. She had recently lost someone very close to her and now questioned her position in her own life and in the world. These 2 friends (and some of her friends as well) would journey to fulfill each of their dreams. Along the way, they wouldn't just face the battles of the journey but they'd continually face apprehension by the very people that captured Everest in the first place. The magic of their friendships and a bit of surprising magic from Everest will guide them on their way. Even upon their arrival, their journey isn't quite done yet. It will take an unexpected magic to see them onward. Is this the end of their journeys or could it be maybe... just the beginning? This story takes the magic of myth, mixes it with a bit of teenage angst, and a lot of heart to end up someplace unexpected. It may be a bit much for the youngest of audiences but it's definitely family-friendly.

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