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After the Fall (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Frustration and desperation plague a young man as his life falls apart. Cutbacks at work, financial stresses all while trying to provide for his family. He desperately wants to make it work so he creates a plot of deception. As things slowly go even further wrong, he begins to lose it. He begins to do things that he never could've imagined. A new friendship helps him but jeopardizes him at the same time. He continues to push everything to the edge... Then everything starts to fall apart. Not only has he lost his job and his dignity but now he's losing everything else. Is there any way to get back on track? Will he face the consequences of his actions? Only time will tell. The main character is cold and though it feels like watching an exaggerated real-life drama... It's hard to stay focused because there is no wow moment. Sad because this could have been a creative and relatable story, instead we end up with a slow, anticlimactic depressing drama. Is this was the vision... Maybe the writer and director need glasses.

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