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Alien 3 (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Just when you thought the escapees were safe... Beware, things are rarely as they seem. The 4 escapees from Fury (Fiorina 161) are safely on their way back home. Or at least that was the plan, an unexpected guest on board will soon change their trajectory. After crash-landing on this new planet, things will surely never be the same. You see, they crashed into a planet that is a prison for the worst of the worst. The prisoners, guards and every other person here is male. So having a female amongst their midst will surely stir things up. Some react better than others but Ripley soon realizes who her allies and her enemies are. Trust is a difficult thing for her, as everyone who she's ever gotten close to has been taken from her. As if everything else wasn't difficult enough, the unexpected inhabitant on board the escape pod would soon put the entire population at risk. Is there any hope for a future with this creature? What would happen if it made it back to Earth? So many questions that are addressed but not necessarily answered... This story is a bit different from the other ones so far in the series and it seems to struggle to find its footing. If you're patient, your patience will be rewarded. So bear with it through the difficult moments. There is a surprise at the end that will leave you wondering where can it go from here... Simply, expect the unexpected and hang on... It's one hell of an adventure.

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