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Alien (R) (6.0)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

The crew of the Nostromo is on their way home after a long mission. Along the way, they are awakened from hypersleep, a distress call from an uninhabited area has garnered their attention. Upon investigation, they discover something out of the ordinary. What they find is almost beyond explanation, something that has never been seen before. They are on the verge of a new precipice of life, only this precipice may not be their own. What will happen as they attempt to save what is left of their humanity? The answer may surprise you. This is an edgy thriller that rides a fine line between the science fiction epics such as Star Trek and Star Wars with the fantastic monster movies that Hollywood created. An odd combination to be sure but this one just might work. It's a little early to make predictions but this one could lead somewhere, the only question is... Is there enough buzz to keep it going? Hang on and we'll find out together.

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