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And So It Goes (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Little Shangri-la is a little piece of paradise. We all have our paradise, though to each of us it means something a little different. Some it's a place and some it's a state of mind. In this paradise we see a variety of people, different ages, backgrounds, families and the lives ofᅠeach of them. This story focuses on 2 widowers. One is a lonely singer at a local eatery and the other is a self-centeredᅠreal estate agent. Through mutual heartache they findᅠdiscover what itᅠis thatᅠlife really means. Along this journey we see the metamorphosis of a broken family and broken people into something greater. Each person is on their own path with life and love. Thankfully the paths intertwine Little by Little. This story isᅠabsolutely refreshing, watching the pieces fall into place as it is told. There is heartache, pain and tears but alongside those are joy, love and celebration. Be prepared to laugh, to cry andᅠto feel asᅠyou are brought along on this view into Little Shangri-la. There's a twist to the end that you'll have to see... What is possible? Where do we belong? It's not always what we think... Have faith and believe... Love finds a way.

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