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Annihilation (R) (6.5)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

An abnormality is encroaching upon society. This is unlike anything that has ever been seen before. With the resources of the military, team after team are sent towards it to learn more about it. The problem is that the ones that enter, are never the same again. When someone who entered, seems to come back normal, there seems to be some hope. Until things begin to happen. Now a new team must embark on the adventure in front of them. One of them will be connected to the returnee and will have more to lose than anyone else. Once inside it, they see and experience things that defy reality. What is it and what does it want? Are these questions that can be answered? To answer these questions, the team must reach the epicenter of the anomaly. Will they reach it before it's too late? Can this be stopped? That and more will be answered in this unique and unusual story. As visually stunning as it is, there are periods where there are more questions than answers along the way. Ultimately, even as the story comes to a close, we are still left with many unknowns... Could there be more? Or was this the intent... Only you'll know for sure.

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