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Arctic Dogs (PG) (1.5)



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out of 10

The Review

A.B.D.S. Arctic Blast Delivery Service is the epitome of excellence. Their team of sled dogs is the best of the best, and Swifty is determined to become one of them. The only problem is that he isn't a sled dog, he's an arctic fox. He works for A.B.D.S. but it's not the position he wants. When the lead team goes missing, Swifty takes it upon himself to make the deliveries. Upon his completion, he successfully earns a temporary position until the others are found. What he's about to discover however is something much worse than he could have imagined. He not only finds the missing team, he also finds a scheme to destroy the arctic. Now he must take on the task of not only saving the team but also saving the lives of his entire community. Will he be able to act in time? Or are the series of events so far in motion that they're impossible to reverse? This story shows incredible perseverance and dedication to something that Swifty is passionate about. It's also an infomercial for climate change. There are those that will appreciate the message that is being portrayed here. There are also those who will be absolutely appalled at the message portrayed. No matter which side you're on, there is no need to turn a story aimed at children into a political piece. Life is challenging enough without methods such as this. Should you choose to let your children watch, I suggest that you be prepared to explain any questions that they may have.

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