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Berlin Calling



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Holocaust survivors and their families have endured a Hell that is unfathomable to most. Many of them have unanswered questions. Some of these questions can be answered but most are lost to time. One of the biggest questions that survivors and their families have is what happened to their family. The Red Cross operates internationally to help the survivors and families find any information that can be found. That's exactly what Kastle Waserman set out to do. Her father, uncle, and grandparents were amongst the millions that were persecuted. Submitting this request to the Red Cross would open up a whole new world to Kastle and her entire family. They knew what happened to them, but they needed answers. This information would lead Kastle to Germany and to a world of information that was beginning to unfold. What she found, answered many of her family's questions and also unveiled some surprises along the way. This is an in depth look into what one family endured whilst endeavoring for answers. A rare chance to come along and see not only the story but the people involved. Powerful without being pretentious, this shows it for what it is, emotions, experiences and all.

If you're wanting to look into familial records from the Holocaust, click here.

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