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Beyond Skyline (R) (5.5)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Mark is a father and a detective who has seemingly been through some better days. He and his son end up taking the subway home as the events of Skyline unfold suddenly. Definitely don’t look at the light. Don’t be confused by the title. It’s not technically a sequel, more like a different perspective of the same event but a much better movie than the 2011’s Skyline movie. And no, you won’t have to go back and see that one first if you don’t want to, this stands on its own just fine if not better. So, Mark’s son ends up on the alien ship which means dad will now stop at nothing at getting him back. In essence, they turned a previously okay movie into a cool sci-fi action movie that stands on its own. Some action/fight sequences are pretty cool to watch. Towards the third act, the pace drops a bit for them to try to tell you more back story and try to get you more emotionally involved with the characters. Inevitably what is focused on then does make it better overall, just a bit slower in that part of the movie. But this movie knows what it is. It’s just a fun action movie with an alien invasion and you will not be bored due to pacing issues. Have fun, pop some popcorn and enjoy.

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