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Big Game (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Every civilization throughout history has a rite of passage. Something that children (mostly boys) must do to transform from child to adult. This is one of those stories. A young boy, desperate to prove himself to his father, is about to have the opportunity of a lifetime. The father, a member of a hunting clan, is equally as determined to prove that his son has what it takes. As the boy sets out to prove himself, he is ready to face anything. His father has given him a special map to help him find his destiny. In the midst of this, the President of the United States is flying to Helsinki. A group of terrorists is about to interrupt both of their plans. Air Force One is shot down, but not before the President escapes. Our young man, comes across the President and together they must work together to survive the wilderness and the terrorists. Each of them gaining something from this experience that they didn't have coming into it. This is a brilliant "coming of age" tale, showing us that strength can be found in many forms. As brilliant as the story itself is, the lack of attention to detail is almost painful. If you can see past the obvious, this is an incredible story. Just be prepared for the inconsistencies.

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