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Big Hero 6 (PG)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

This is a story of love, loss, and revenge. It has single-handedly set the new anime/animation standard both in story and design. Hiro and Tadashi are brothers that have been orphaned and are being raised by their aunt. Tadashi is a student at SF Tech and Hiro is a child prodigy. Hiro graduated high school at 13 and now spends his time building and fighting robots. After a close call, Tadashi has an opportunity to show Hiro something new. This experience opens up a world of possibilities for Hiro. Just as life seems to be everything he could want, he suffers a heart-wrenching loss. What was the bright light of future is now just a dark cloud. He turns his incredible intelligence into an incredible vengeance. His new friend Baymax (created by Tadashi) helps him on this quest and keeps him "grounded". With Baymax's help, some other friends help as well. They combine their efforts and find who's responsible. While pursuing the masked man, everything seems predictable... Don't be so quick to underestimate the story yet. What this team of friends discovers is much more than a villain behind a mask. The story of love, loss, and revenge is not just Hiro's story. Baymax becomes a pivotal character. This team of friends finds their way together. Who is responsible? How could a giant balloon become a hero? Will justice be served? This film is by far the new standard to beat. The story/characters come to life and you get sucked in with them. Let's hope that all animation studios take a cue from this... Baymax will become a new best friend... As well as the rest of the cast. Be prepared to laugh and cry... But also be prepared to fall in love... Truly a story for the ages...

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