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Black Widow (PG-13) (6.25)



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out of 10

The Review

Family can make or break you. Each family is different and yet at the core, there's one thing that remains... love and loyalty. There's a limit to this though in certain situations. Natasha is about to learn that the hard way. Being abandoned by her birth mother and no finding herself in a situation where she's alone all over again. The widows are her new family, but this family lacks everything that a family truly is. Her relationships with those who she thought she was closest to are now just a memory. While on the run, she turns to a few friends for the help that she so desperately needs. Through one of these friends, she comes across a package that will lead her to someone from her past. Where will her loyalty lie? Deep down, is she a widow or a warrior (avenger)? Her loyalties will be tested in ways she couldn't have imagined. When she makes the choice of what side she's on, it's an all-out war. Will she have the strength to do what needs to be done? This adventure will keep you guessing as it both entertains and tugs at a few heartstrings. It's a super-heroin movie but not in the typical sense. Ultimately, the conclusion might not be what you expect but it will bring her story full circle.

Some of the content (visually and story-wise) may be a bit intense for younger viewers.

There's a post-credit bonus scene that you won't want to miss that creates even more intrigue.

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