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out of 10

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Power, a term that we associate with something positive or negative. It has many meanings but one of the most powerful and misunderstood meanings comes when you associate it with a color. Black Power/White Power, both are equally hateful. Both are indicative of believing that the other color is bad/evil and that something must be done with that. Ron Stallworth was determined to make a difference in the color battle. The first African American to join the Colorado Springs police department. Determined to make a difference he decided to reach out to the Ku Klux Klan and present himself as a true Aryan American. Only when it came time to meet the fellow Klansmen, he'd have to have someone step in for him. The person chosen for the job was someone seen as equally inferior to them, making the job itself even harder. Together, they would infiltrate the Klan (the organization) and the Black Power movement in order to take a stance that both were in the wrong. The fight between the 2 comes to a head. When the fight is between human beings where their only difference is the color of their skin, no one wins. What's incredible about this story is that it's based on a true story. In the end, it showcases something in recent history that paints one side as worse than the other. A powerful story that has the possibility to redefine a generation that seems to lose the point in the end. What was the point of telling this story in such a way? What will you take away from it? These questions and more will make sure that this story stays on everyone's tongues for a long time after the credits have finished.

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