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Cake (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Living with chronic pain is a daily struggle. That struggle encompasses everything from the simplest of daily activities to anything beyond that. In that struggle, some become dependent on drugs, alcohol or both and in some situations they just can't deal with it anymore and think suicide is their only option. What does it so to those who are left behind? In this intense story we see how one woman copes with loss. Not only a loss that others can understand but a loss of self. What can be done? Is there anything at all? She has to find out for herself. Just as anyone in this situation must. What would it be worth for a brief reprieve? How far would you go? This shows us some of the extremes that someone could go through without over exaggerating the situation. Truly the most honest depiction of chronic pain that has ever been brought to life on the big screen. Does this story depict what everyone with chronic pain goes through... Absolutely not! It does show how those experiencing this feel betrayed by their own bodies and how there is hope even in the darkest hour. Whether you go through this yourself, you know someone who does or you just want to broaden your horizon... This is a must see. It's a slow film, no real climax to it but it feels real. Be prepared for intensity and have your tissues handy. Aniston exceeded expectations in this role. Exceptional!

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