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Cloverfield Paradox (TV-MA) (6.0)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

With the world on the brink of war due to a global energy crisis, a crew in space is set to test a way to solve the crisis. However, by firing the particle accelerator aboard the space station, they set off a chain reaction that lands them in another dimension, sort of. Not sure how this is connected to the other Cloverfield movies but the title is what it is. The crew deals with having to figure how to get back to their own world while the one there in is causing everything to fall apart. It’s an interesting watch and the premise is pretty familiar to sci-fi fans as well. Now the acting and cast are actually great. It is a roller coaster when it comes to pacing though, so be prepared for some dips from slow to suspense back to slow then back to some weird and interesting things happening. It has that Twilight Zone episode feel if you are “seasoned” enough to remember that. The movie has some suspenseful intrigue with the crew when they are dealing with the paradox, somebody is here now that wasn’t before. There are a lot of questions while the movie is going, but most of them may not have the answers. But isn’t that what you expect from science you’ve never dealt with? So intrigued enough to pull up Netflix and push play? If you read this sentence twice and it looks different I may be writing this from another dimension. niosnemid rethona morf siht gnitirw eb yam I tnereffid s’ti dna niaga siht daer ouy fI (please read backwards). Enjoy.

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