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Colossal (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Gloria is a hot mess...seriously a colossal disaster. She never used to be but trying to find herself has been harder than it seems leaving her to drink and party her troubles away. She parties so often that she can't hold a job, she can't always remember conversations and her boyfriend decides to kick her out of their apartment. So where does a lost, broke disaster go? Home. Upon her arrival back home she reconnects with a childhood friend and together they encourage their bad habits. However, Gloria is about to get a reality check when she learns about a giant creature wreaking havoc through Seoul is somehow connected to her. To make matters worse there could be more than one monster. In order to fix things, Gloria realizes she must first fix herself but can she do it in time? Colossal paints a vivid picture and a unique story about how even the lost can find their way.

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