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Come Play (PG-13) (6.5)



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out of 10

The Review

A deep story that deals with autism and friendship in an entirely different way. Autism by itself is difficult to understand, for those that have it, as well as their loved ones. They want to communicate and yet are not always able to in the way that most understand. Oliver uses smartphones and tablets to communicate. These devices have given him the freedom that he was so desperate for.

Something else that he was desperate for was a friend, he used to have some friends but after an incident, they didn't play together anymore. Soon, Oliver would meet a new friend via his devices. Oliver saw a lot of himself in his new friend and wanted to help him. Little did he know that Larry wanted much more than to be Oliver's friend. Larry wanted Oliver to be his only friend. A friendship that would last forever.

When Larry's true intentions were revealed, Oliver's parents would do anything and everything necessary to protect him. The more they tried to protect him from Larry, the more persistent Larry became. This friendship would become a fight for what they hold most dear. What will happen to Oliver? What will happen to Larry? Are you really ready to learn the truth?

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Misunderstood Monsters a children's story

This is Larry,
Larry never gets to play pretend,
He gets mad fun of because he is different,
Larry just wants a friend,

He's tall and pale and thin and tries to hide his face,
He isn't from the world you know,
Larry comes from another place,
Larry watches through your windows,
Which connect his realm to yours,

He needs you to know his whole story to turn those windows into doors,
Larry has looked through the glass and found you staring back,
He understands your loneliness,
A true friend is what you lack,

Will you be Larry's friend,
He promises to protect you from monsters and from men,
Once you take Larry's hand you'll never be alone again,
When he crawls into your world he'll quickly take a friend,

For Larry will only have a little time,
Before he flickers off again,
Larry will not stop until he has a new friend,

If someone dares get in his way,
They'll surely face their end,

If you feel broken sad or odd,
Larry likes you even so,
When your hand meets his,
Larry can never let go,

The end

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