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out of 10

The Review

Take cub scouts, a camping trip and a legend... Put them together and what do you get. You'll end up with and adventurous drama that will seem somewhat predictable but will in fact shock and surprise you. The premise is a group of campers with their scout leaders, out for an adventure in the countryside. Their trip begins with a legend, used to scare the kids and create some excitement. What none of them realize is how real the story really is. One of the campers doesn't quite fit in, he is a bit different, though no one really knows why. As he ventures out of camp, he comes across something that cannot be explained or believed... That is until it's too late. When tragedy begins to happen (which we see a snippet of at the beginning), the story begins to unfold and the answer will leave you breathless... Come prepared for a twist that will leave you twisted... This doesn't seem too original in the beginning and it's easy to almost get lost in the mundane until the legend begins to unfold. There are still questions left unanswered and I'm almost hoping for a sequel... What else can they do? Let's wait and see...

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