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Dear Rodeo: The Cody Johnson Story (UR) (6.0)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Dear Rodeo, a love letter to a lost love. Cody Johnson had a specific plan for his life. He knew what he loved doing and he wanted to succeed. Everything he had went into this dream, but it just wasn't enough. This turn of events almost broke him, but there was something else inside of him. There were doubts as to if it would be enough, but he persisted until his persistence paid off. Along the way, he burned a lot of bridges, but they didn't even compare to the bridges that he was building. These bridges would carry him up and up until he was dizzy from the heights he would reach. He wouldn't and couldn't do it alone. Some of the people with him from the beginning are shared with us on this journey. The roles that they played in his life and how it truly took all of them to bring this to life. When he reaches the first of many pinnacles of his career, he reflects on everything to this point and how much further he can go...

This story isn't just Cody's story, it's the story of everyone with a dream who refuses to give up. It's also a story about faith, and conviction, that approach will reach a specific audience while it could alienate others. Either way, it's an important story that ends up being much larger than Cody himself. Fans of Rodeo and/or Cody's music will want to experience this for themselves.

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