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Dr. Cabbie



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Sometimes the best laid plans aren't always as simple as they seem. Take a doctor, fresh out of medical school... He immigrates to Canada with his mom for more opportunities and a better life. Unfortunately that's not what life had in store for him. Try as he may his dream seems further and further. He resorts to taking a part time job to stay busy. What he wasn't expecting was for patients to come to him. His fare's would get into the cab expecting a standard trip but would end up with much more. Time and time again he would end up helping his fare's with his medical knowledge. His boss got word of what he was doing and had to make a tough decision. His medical career was not progressing and his personal life was just as awkward. When he takes off on the opportunity given to him, he makes a significant difference in those whose lives he touches. It's not all good though. There are those out there determined to stop him for what he's doing. He's relentless in his drive to help others. Upon becoming a doctor, he swore to the Hippocratic oath, an oath that obliges him to help others and also obliges him to do no harm. He knows he's living up to that to the best of his ability, unfortunately upholding that isn't always within the law. How will this turn out for our Dr. Cabbie? Will he get a happy ending or will he get deported? or worse? This uplifting and insightful drama takes us into their lives. They no longer feel like characters, they feel like we are actually watching someone's story unfold. This is a perfect date movie or just one to catch to brighten your mood. I left smiling.

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