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Duck Tales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp (G)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Scrooge McDuck has been searching for the treasure of Kali Baba for forty (40) years. When the treasure is finally within reach, he finds himself further from it than ever. A young gift that he has given to young Webby will be the key to him finding his way back. You see the little teapot that he gave her, isn't a teapot at all... but a magic lamp. Once the genie appears, the kids see him as a new playmate, but once Scrooge learns the truth; the game is on once again. All in the hunt for an ancient treasure so that he can finally prove something to a certain group of individuals. Will he succeed in his endeavor or will his lust for the treasure cost him everything he holds dear? This movie continues the story from the beloved DuckTales series on television. If you hadn't known the ducks other than their connection through Donald, reconnect through the series (available on Amazon) and follow it through with this. This is a menagerie of ideas that somehow come together in a cohesive idea. This will definitely take you back or help you reintroduce it to the young ones of tomorrow... Experience this today and share it with someone you know.

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