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out of 10

The Review

Hiring a babysitter seems so easy in theory... Unfortunately this story is a parent's worst nightmare. They're celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary and when it comes to hiring a sitter, they call the young lady they usually use. She is unable to but refers a close friend that she recommends. On her referral they call Anna to come babysit for the evening. Upon her arrival, everything seems to be going well but as soon as the parents leave... Something isn't quite right. As the night progresses, the kids see more and more what Anna is really up to, even learning that Anna isn't really Anna. This young lady that is with these kids tonight came in with an agenda. The problem is she won't stop until she succeeds... At any cost. This is a dark tale about an everyday detail for families everywhere. Delving into the deepest fears that any parent has about their children and exploiting it. Though the story itself has some depth to it, there are flaws throughout that could distract you if you're paying attention. Is it worth the watch, that's for you to decide. Be prepared though, this goes deeper than it seems.

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