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Ex Machina (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

I was thinking this could have been a cross between Bicentennial Man and I Robot, unfortunately, it has blazed its own path. The entire premise is based on the Turing test, a test that determines if AI (artificial intelligence) can pass the human factor. A recluse has designed an AI to be tested. He has also chosen the candidate to participate in the test. Controlling the station and the outcome...Or so he thinks... When the prospect arrives a few surprises are in store. Things aren't always as they seem, as this young protege is about to learn. The Turing test is not as simple as it seems either. The answers are right before his eyes but he's unable to see... The creator and controller only complicate a complicated situation. When everything seems to fail, the impossible becomes possible. This is a unique spin on a sci-fi idea that just failed to deliver. The end is creative but everything leading up to it is tired and overdone...

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