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False Positive (R) (3.5)



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out of 10

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A family, that's all Lucy and Adrian have dreamt of since they got married. They've been trying for a long time and something just isn't working. After turning to a friend of Adrian's, they have a real chance of having a family. When it's successful and they find out they're pregnant, they're on top of the world... That is until they find out about their pregnancy. Lucy is pregnant with a girl and twin boys, a decision must be made for a selective reduction in order to boost the success of the pregnancy. Regretfully, they make the decision and the pregnancy continues. Lucy begins to notice that something is going on. The more she looks into it, the more Adrian and John try to dismiss her worries. She knows something is going on and even after she turns to someone else, it all circles back to Adrian. This creates even more stress for Lucy. When the blessed day finally arrives, Lucy's worst fears are realized. She simply cannot accept what is happening to her and around her. What she does next is to take her life back by any means necessary. What do I mean by that? It's something hard to describe that must be experienced to be understood. Unfortunately, however, the subject matter of this story isn't as wholesome as it seems, and the way it plays out limits the audience even further. There will be those who thoroughly enjoy the approach but there will also be those abhorred by what happens before their eyes. Which will you be?

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