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Father UnKNOWn (NR)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

There are few things that are certain in life. One of them is simple for many, answering the question of who their parents are. This story is about one of the few amongst many (the few are more than many realize). Urban Quint, a child that was left to the care of an orphanage at a young age struggled with this seemingly simple question. As time went on, his mother came back into his life and brought him to America. Time and the truth were not on his side, instead of being able to express himself, he was forced to bottle it up as he didn't know what to do with the emotions involved. His son, David, decided that he wanted to know more about his dad's story. Only, the deeper he dug, the more frustrated others became. Years had taken their toll on the man that David simply knew as dad. Only Urban was much more than someone's dad, he was someone's son, was there even more... Who knows... Together, Urban and David traveled together to put together the missing pieces of Urban's life. Treading into the past can be a tricky path, paved with uncertainty, heartache, and pain. Pain, that could lead to healing, but only if answers can be found. An utterly emotional journey through one man's search for self (with the help of his son). Deep devotion to such a simple truth will be anything but, yet together they have the determination to see it through. To find out the conclusion to this story, check out FatherUnKNOWn.com.

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