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Feast (G)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

A young puppy, all alone and hungry is about to learn about kindness. A stranger offers him a scrap of food and he finds himself in heaven. If heaven were made of french fries that is. That's not the end of the feast though, he is introduced to his kibble but he much prefers what his human eats. Everything from french fries and spaghetti to pizza and ice cream... plus, everything in between. When his human comes across a new interest, his menu is about to change. This new interest in his humans life has a thing for health food. All of the sudden he goes from feast to famine (when it comes to human food). A tragic circumstance causes things to go back to the way things were but for some reason, it doesn't bring him the joy it used to. He decides to take action, putting his human at a higher priority than his own food preferences. When he does this, he's about to learn a valuable life lesson. We can all take something away from this, what seems as a simple story about a puppy and his human becomes so much more. The moral is something we can all take to heart.

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