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Fed Up (PG)



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out of 10

The Review

This documentary delves into the epidemic of obesity in America. Challenging the typical ideas of what we think it takes to gain/lose weight. Specifically that a calorie is not a calorie, a calorie from fiber and a calorie from sugar are not the same thing and why. We are challenged at the deepest levels to look at the society of food culture and where that has led us. According to the studies in the documentary, not only is sugar a poison but it is the cause of the obesity epidemic that we have today. It even goes to far as to call sugar as toxic and dangerous as cigarettes. Though this documentaryᅠmakes many valid points with the scientific numbers, it leaves out more than it provides us with. There is no mention of trans fats, chemically altered foods, genetically modified ingredients, preservatives or personal responsibility. Any of these things by themselves aren't dangerous, enjoying things in moderation is key. This documentary stated that in 1980 the number of overweight kids was 0, in 2010 that number was over 20,000. What it also doesᅠis "demonize" the food industry (that word is in quotes because that is the word used in the documentary). This documentary was presented from a very biased point of view from only one side of the argument. What it lacks is common sense.

The basis of the entire argument is the studies of the pleasure center of the brain. The fact that the pleasure center of our brains light up with sugar the same way they do with cocaine. Yes, that's true but that area of the brain lights up with releases of dopamine, from anything enjoyable or scary. Please read and shareᅠhttp://curiosity.discovery.com/question/reward-center-in-brain-work

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