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Ferdinand (PG) (5.0)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

A bull is expected to grow up big and tough to take on the matador. The bigger you are, the assumption is that you're tougher and stronger than the rest. Young Ferdinand is about to break that stereotype. Our strength doesn't come from our size, it comes from something much deeper. Everyone has to figure that out for themselves, and the ways of expression are as different as you could imagine. Now, young Ferdinand sees someone close to him get taken away to take on the matador. Not fully understanding what is happening, he is determined to set a different course for his life. His escape is the first of many harrowing adventures that he'll have until he meets a special young girl that can see beyond his size. Everything seems fine until the Flower Festival is taking place. Ferdinand loves flowers. His size quickly surprises and even scares some of the people. That's where this adventure takes a detour. He thought he had his life figure out but is about to learn that there is much more at stake than he realized. Will he get back to his family? Will he have to face the matador? What will happen? This story re-hashes old ideas and adds some surprise and a bit of heart. Though it's aimed at a younger audience, some of the content might be upsetting for some. A touching "tail" that has the potential to do many different things. How will it affect you?

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